shana-rosee asked: Hello! I'm Shana the moderator of the Highclere Awards blog, earlier you asked if I knew of a fic you were looking for two people replied to the post it is ‘From Paris to Downton Abbey’ by Athena Mou

WOW thanks so much! I never would’ve figured that out! :)


The adventures of Lady Who Is Also a Knight and Willowy Poet Boyfriend! I like to think that they just play dumb medieval pranks on each other all the time. Willowy Poet Boyfriend usually does not grasp that she is pranking him until it is too late. He tries to get back at her by composing a catchy lay about how obsessed she is with pegging, and then realizes what he has done only when people start to look at him funny on the street. Willowy Poet Boyfriend is not the master of pranks.

Will Lady Who Is Also a Knight win her jousting match? Will I ever escape from relying on anachronisms for humor value? Will these adventures actually continue? Does reversing an established binary qualify as true transgression? The questions are endless! TUNE IN NEXT TIME (IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME) FOR MORE QUESTIONS AND NO ANSWERS

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In Baltimore with Colby Keller


Colby Keller is blossoming in Baltimore. Literally…

A few weeks ago I spent a night in Baltimore, Maryland’s “Charm City.” It’s an arty, oddball and lovely place full of artists, kooks, hard-scrabble neighborhoods, cherry blossoms and fun people. One of these people is porn actor and artist, Colby Keller. He’s dreamy, funny and as I found - an affable and generous host as he showed me around town for the evening.

We drank good beer, took the local transit around town, almost visited a cemetery (it was closed - argh!), had killer Korean BBQ (see below) and I saw his cool lofty apartment. And he served up his own batch of Baltimore must-do’s and fun recommendations of eateries and art-spaces, plus some political and philosophical must-reads.

Please enjoy… And go check more fun pics of Colby in our little homage to Baltimore’s springtime cherry blossoms. They’re at his sexy/witty blog,


Let’s talk Balitmore. Favorite good beer spot?
Brewer’s Art. It’s a handsome bar in Mount Vernon with lots of great beers.

Colby loves some Jong Kak. (Ahem.)Favorite fancy pizza place?
Iggie’s.  Bring your dog! And your appetite.  

Best Korean BBQ?
If this doesn’t make your mouth water I don’t know what will: Jong Kak. (see photo, right)

For a really good meal?
If you’ve got money to burn (or a rich auntie in town) then definitely Woodberry Kitchen. It’s the best restaurant in town. 

Best place to go see art?
Open Space, which is in a former autobody shop, though I’d also recommend the H&H Building (full of various galleries and art spaces) and Current Space. Also, hit up Otto Bar for music.

Favorite annual event or festival in Baltimore?
The Transmodern Festival (coming up in mid-May)  is well worth a visit.  I’d also recommend the annual all-volunteer Christmas tuba concert, the Kinetic Sculpture Race (on May 5th!), and Otakon (bring your best plastic sword and chartreuse wig).

Best tourist attraction in Baltimore?
Avoid the Inner Harbor unless you like outdoor malls and bad chain restaurants.  I would hit Baltimore’s Green Mount Cemetery.  You can meet the inventor of the Ouija Board and John Wilkes Booth all in the same afternoon.  

If a fan-to-be has never seen a Colby Keller film, what’s the best/first one to watch?
For the best stuff, you’ll need to pry into my private vault of homemade videos.  ;-)

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Pushing Daisies is really relatable to me b/c I also struggle with the fact that I can’t touch Lee Pace.

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For his role (in Dallas Buyers Club) he lost 45 pounds. Or what actresses call ‘being in a movie.’

TINA FEY, on Matthew McConaughey, at the Golden Globes (via inothernews)

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have u ever been in a mood to destroy your relationship with everyone you know

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El mejor nombre para un puesto de churros, ever.

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Blue & Red Acrylic Mix by markchadwickart on Flickr.

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netflix doesn’t care if you showered or not

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Scientist takes off clothes to go swimming with belugas. In the wild they will not interact with people wearing clothes.

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